Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just kidding of course. This is my first post in a long time...too long! . No excuses really. I just got tired of trying to meet my self imposed weekly schedule. That part was not fun anymore. But I loved the writing part....when I had something to write about.

Well, I have a new schedule. I will post "whenever the spirit moves me". So here I am....having fun once again. Why did it take so long for me to figure this out ? I know... don't say it!!....Senior moment??. Not anymore. I'm getting so old its' now called "Senior Months".

And then there was the relentless pressure from my three blogging pals. Naomi recently wrote: "How wonderful that you have been too busy to blog....And this from a man who is supposedly retired---Well, GOOD for you! " That did it!! I see Ginny regulary and she picks on me all of the time....and Judy nailed me at our recent luncheon. I'm so glad that they cared enough.

Not much has changed in my life since my last post...Clearly, I am getting older...and now that I think about it I will have plenty to say about that. So stay tuned and be patient with me. I will give it my best shot.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Can we compare notes on this getting older crap??? (lol) I really do not like all the Physical stuff that comes with it---Not At All!

Glad to see you back on The Boards, Bud....And good for Ginny and Judy for keeping after you.....You have much to share so, I for one am very happy to see you back in the Blogging Game.....!

I just talked to an old friend earlier today that has his 27th AA Birthday coming up in a few days....He is a wonderful actor and is having a GREAT Career....He had some rough times before he got sober. And for the last 27 years...well, He Works CONSTANTLY! And it all changed for him that day 27 years ago....!
I know you understand.

Ginnie said...

HURRAY... we've been waiting for you. How about some memories from when you were a child?
As to "getting old" I think a lot of people use that as an excuse for doing nothing. Hopefully not for the likes of you and me, Bud. I find some very positive ascpects to the whole aging thing such as more confidence in myself, an open mind and a tolerance that I never had before...on 2nd thought that could be thanks to the AA program and a sober life ! Hmmmmmmm.

kenju said...

We can ALL compare notes on getting older!! It is so nice to see a new post here, Bud. You can blog on my schedule, which is BWO - blogging without obligation. I post everyday (usually) but I don't feel obligated to do it - I want to. You can do it when you want to too!