Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Journey

It's been about six months since I started all of this nonsense. And it's taken that long for me to understand and appreciate what "the journey" is all about. And why it's all that matters.

I wrote about my friend Nancy who grew up with me in New England, and who became my neighbor in Pinehurst sixty years later. She has seven brothers and sisters.

And because that story was circulated among her family and their friends, I am now back in touch with about a dozen childhood friends from my home town.

When I finished "The Legends" I sent it to the local paper. I wanted the golf writer to tell the world about this 82 year old guy who scores ten shots under his age every time that he plays. He wrote that story.

He also wrote one about me and this blog-- complete with pictures of my beloved golf cart. I met a bunch of new friends among the members with that one. And more grief than I need from my golfing buddies. But I give and well as I get--and we had a lot of laughs over it.

And wonderful people from the blogging world. Especially the three who never fail to give me encouragement. I've written before about my special pal Ginny and her wonderful blog entitled "Goldendaze".

She printed up my story about the Christmas marathon and handed it out at AA meetings. And a lot of sober people told me how important it was for them to be reminded that they are not alone.

Judy is a gifted floral designer who most recently did the Christmas decorations at the Governor's mansion in Raleigh. She has a blog called "Imagine" and writes from the heart about whatever is going on in her life almost daily.

And "The Old Old Lady of The Hills". The very talented Naomi Caryl who happened to be working a block from me when Kennedy was assassinated. She wrote the music for a play called "Spoon River Anthology" then playing at the Booth Theatre. She is also an accomplished actress, singer, musician, artist and photographer--believe me-- she is all of that and then some.

Naomi is somewhat housebound today because of a health issue. But she continues to entertain from a beautiful theatre she has created. And the stage is her blog. Take a minute and see what I mean. It's listed to the right with the others. Just click on it. And when you get there be sure to read "100 things about me" under her picture.

So that's been the journey for me so far. Except for a few people close to me I have no idea who reads this blog or if they like it. I hope that they do. But if they don't it will not matter.

Because I took on a new challenge, I love it, and a lot of neat things have happened along the way. And that matters.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Indeed, it is your journey that matters Bud, and you are having a WONDERFUL journey here on your blog....And it is a joy to come by here and see what you are sharing with all of us each time you write!
Thank You So Much Bud, for your very kind words...You make me blush....! (lol)

A Happy Happy 2008 to you, dear Bud, may all good things come to you and to all those that are near and dear to you.

Ginnie said...

You are a "natural" for this venue, Bud...and I'm so glad that your life stories are being put down for others to read. Even though I have known you(and Ellen) for a long time it's not the same as reading about you.
You bring joy wherever you happen to be...and now you can expand it to your "blogging family".
Here's to 2008....hugs, Ginnie

kenju said...

I'm sorry to be getting here so late tonight, Bud. Thanks for the mention. I am so happy that I found blogging - and I will sing the praises of it until I die. Those of us who love it and the perks it brings to our lives will always find each other sooner or later! I feel as though I am a member of a gigantic fraternity!

kenju said...

P.S. I must make a small correction. I was one of about 20 people who did the Christmas decor at the governor's Mansion. The "job" belongs to my part-time employer, and I would never want anyone to think it is mine alone. Floral designers are very protective of their jobs, Bud...LOL

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Bud..The Video wasn't of The Bees...It was a New Years Eve Viseo...But Blogger would not let me upload it...They said "There was a problem", (Really????), But did NOT tell me what the problem IS...!
So, I got very discouraged with my "personal Videos"....Will see if I can upload them on YouTube and then access them from there....!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for coming by Bud and seeing The Video...

Googl Video was not watchable on the post, and I had to pull the whole thing off....I could upload it...But....It was not Viable for my blog....Grrrrrr! LOL!
I truly do nor know why these things have to so damn difficult, do you???
Sweetie is dear, isn't he? He is such a great GREAT Comfort to me....!