Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Willard

Long before his Today show fame Williard was a very popular disc jockey and weatherman for the NBC station in Washington DC. He loved to tell us stories about his farm in Western Virginia.

I remember that at least once a week he would come to work with dozens of eggs that he would sell to employees. And if he didn't sell them all he was known to stop at a local shopping center on the way home and peddle them to his adoring fans. He really did that.

Williard also presided at our annual employee service awards luncheon. I will never forget the day that he shared the following story.

He told us that he had just purchased a $50,000 prized bull for the purpose of expanding his herd. But he said the problem was that this bull lay around in the fields every day munching grass. No interest in the cows at all.

So Williard brought in a veterinarian who prescribed a medicine guaranteed to work. And did it ever!!

"That bull was crazy in love the next day. No cow was safe"

And then Williard said: " I don't know what that medicine was"...

"It tasted a little like peppermint."


kenju said...

Oh, boy! Am I ever laughing. I just BET he tasted it.....LOL

Ginnie said...

I've enjoyed your memories of Willard but I want to hear more about you, Bud. How about some childhood memories???

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Bud....(Oh I hope you won't think me HORTIBLE... But,

This is a TERRIBLE story about a truly Terrible Man.....
He SOLD the eggs to everyone????
Give me a break!

That's where I am stuck. In how cheap he was....Lordy...!
I know it is amusing that he supposedly TOOK the stuff....
But, I just cannot get over him selling those ehhs to everyone...

And I'm with Ginnie....I want to hear more about you, my dear Bud....Willard cannot hold a candle to you!