Thursday, November 8, 2007

Time for a few laughs

Four old guys, all in their eighties, were playing golf at Pinehurst. After hitting their drives on one hole, they drove out to the fairway for their second shot. They could only find three balls.

After a long search for the missing ball, one of the players said rather sheepishly: "You know what - I forgot to hit"

This one is on me. I was playing one day with three of my good friends. On one hole I hit my drive into some impossible rough. So I drove my cart as close as I could to this jungle, spent forever looking for the ball, and finally gave up.

When I returned to the cart my clubs were missing. So now I've lost the ball and all my clubs. I make a mental note not to share this story with anyone. I can hear it now. Bud is back on the sauce.

We all lose a ball once in a while. But a whole bag of get the drift. Well, what I didn't know is that my wise-ass golfing buddies saw the clubs fall off my cart, picked them up, and hid in the trees.

Meanwhile, I'm wandering around with no ball, no clubs, and wondering why my foursome has suddenly become a onesome. As I reflect on this painful experience, I have now concluded that this story is not funny at all!

But this one is. A Pinehurst employee with playing privlidges came out on his day off for a relaxing day of golf. But it was hardly that. He was playing badly. His drives were all over the place, he was shanking balls and missing three inch putts. And it got worse.

On the last hole he hit his drive into the woods, punched out to the fairway and hit the next ball over the green into the lake. So he calmly drove his cart to the waters edge, picked up his bag of clubs, and flung it into the water. And then he stormed off to the parking lot--didn't even wave goodbye.

Five minutes later he is back. He sloshes into water up to his hips, drags the bag to shore, retrieves his wallet and car keys -- and flings the bag back into the lake.

They say that there is still the lingering odor of burnt rubber in the parking lot.


kenju said...

That's really funny - even to a non-golfer!

Ginnie said...

me too....not a golfer...but I can just see your "friends" having a wonderful time at your expense.
Tell us more, Bud.