Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Are you lost again Bud?

Every time I post a new entry on this blog my kids start to bug me. "when are you going to do a story about getting lost".

Well, I might as well get it over with. It's really no big deal.

I am directionally challanged. There are millions of us. Somewhere along the way I lost a gene or DNA, or something. My kids and most of my friends find it amusing.

The truth is that I am not bothered by this disorder at all. I have turned it into a positive experience--mostly.

For example, one night I went to the movies with Ellen. It was at one of those mega movie places. I left for popcorn. And I returned to the wrong movie. It was a tad distracting as I wandered up and down the aisle looking for her. But a much better movie- and the popcorn was all mine.

Then there was the business trip by car from Washington DC to Princeton New Jersey. Somehow I ended up in Delaware--had to cross a river on a ferry to get back on I-95. Delaware is quite a beautiful state, and I will return some day. Perhaps on my way to Florida this winter.

You would love Erin Hills, a community of townhomes somewhere in Pinehurst. I have a few friends who live near there I think, because every time I visit them, coming and going, I end up at Erin Hills. I have been lost there so often the residents wave to me. Wonderfully warm people who go out of their way to point me in the right direction

And I just love those guys who will describe a place to me as being on the "northwest corner". You have got to be kidding! Tell you what--you drive me to the the Southeast corner and, if there is a visible setting sun, I will go right to it--almost every time.

And then there was the morning that I drove over to my friend Willies house to pick him up for our Friday golf group. I knocked on the door, no answer--figured he had left on his own, so I left. Turned out to be the wrong house, I didn't see Willie waving frantically from his house way up on a nearby hill.

He had to awaken his wife Sandy to drive him to the golf course--at 6am. This story has no happy ending. Sandy did not speak to me for months. Willie, to this day, gives me a kind of perfunctory nod.

But, on the whole, what might be a liability for some of you has been a series of wonderful serendipities for me. I have traveled to some facinating places and met some terrific people.

I invite you to meet them and see some of these places. Just meet me at----------------never mind.

(aside to my kids: " I did it--OK!!! Now go to your room!!!)


kenju said...

LOL! Mr. kenju and one of our daughter's suffer from the same lack of DNA. I say they could get lost in a box, and it IS true!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Ahhhh Bud, some people just have no sense of direction...And I think you are right---THAT 'gene' was left somewhere along The Merritt Parkway or somewhere like that...LOL! I actually have a good sense of direction, but...when someone says to me 'you go north on the I-5' or a direction similar to that...I do one of two things. I either say to them...Just tell me me if I turn left or right when I get to the on-ramp!! OR, I think to myself: "Let's see....Canada is North, Florida is South, California is West, and The Atlantic Ocean is East....!"

I think it is great that you have met so many interesting and nice people this way, Bud....Everything has a silver lining....(Doesn't it?? lol)

Ginnie said...

"Directionally challenged"... That explains so much, Bud...and I just thought you were adventuresome!

rashbre said...

i call it Zen navigation. Ever decreasing circles.